Sweet / Cheese / Donut Carts

Sweet / Cheese / Donut Carts

Sweet Buffet /Cart to treat your evening guests, to fill that lull after the wedding breakfast and before the serious dancing and partying starts! Enjoy a selection of your favourite sweets from your childhood.

Wedding Candelabra
Wedding Candelabra
Wedding Candelabra
  • Decorated Sweet Cart or Table (you can choose which you prefer).
  • ‍Selection of up to 15 Sweets (dependant on package chosen).
  • 2 – 4 Sweet Trees (depending on package chosen).
  • Selection of different style Vases, Jars  and Sweet Trees, each choice comes with a personalised label displaying the type of sweet and the Bride & Grooms Names.
  • All Serving Scoops and Sweet Bags.
  • Table/Cart Decorated to match your colour scheme/theme.
  • Sweet Buffet Signs (Closed sign and Sweet Buffet Poem).
  • The  Sweet Buffet/Cart  is open all evening ,your guests can visit as many times as they like.

Additional Extras:

1. Our Staff will attend the Buffet and help your guests, topping up sweets – £40 additional charge (for 2.5hours service and unlimited sweets during that period) The Cart or table will be left when our staff leave.

2. Additional Sweet Trees – £25 each

3. Cake Pops – £1.20 each

4. Cake Bites – £25.00 per 50

5. Popcorn & Mini  Cookies – £25.00


Sweet Carts – We can provide Sweet carts to cater for 60 – 200 guests.
Prices range from £125.00 to £250.00

Cheese Carts - Our Cheese carts are available to serve from 60 up to 110 guests.
Prices range from £150 - £225.00

Donut Carts - Our Krispy Kreme Donut carts are available to serve 60 –150 guests.
Prices range from £150.00 to £300.00

Please note we can offer vegetarian and gluten free sweets and biscuits on request. We can also offer a gluten free range of cakes and biscuits as an alternative to donuts.